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Protect your brand and ideas with the help of our experienced and reliable trademark team. With comprehensive trademark search and other flat fee legal services we provide, you can get your trademark registered safely and easily.

Get Your Brand Protected Quickly and Easily by an Experienced Lawyer

Whether you're creating a new brand, revamping an old logo, or seeking victory in intellectual property disputes, our trademark attorney services can help you succeed.  Our flat fee, all-inclusive approach protects your brand and unlocks the full potential of your trademarks. Our attorneys offer knowledgeable guidance on all your trademark and intellectual property questions.  Statistics show that attorney-led trademark filings have a much higher percentage success rate than those filed by non-lawyers in a "do it yourself" manner.  Given our office provides flat fee services that are competitive with other firms and even the online self-help sites, it is to your advantage to check out the services we offer!


"Knock Out" Style Clearance Search

Before we file your trademark application, it is a good idea to get a review of the trademark landscape to find any conflicting makes.  We can perform a search of the USPTO records to identify and determine if your mark has already been taken, or if any pre-existing trademarks are similar enough to require risk assessment.  That way you can know before you file if there are any direct challenges.

Comprehensive Clearance Search 

Go beyond a "knock out" search with comprehensive trademark searches offering a thorough evaluation of your potential trademarks.  We can order a thorough and comprehensive review of USPTO, All States, Common Law, and domain names with one of several vendors and perform an analysis and provide a legal opinion letter about any risks to the ability to trademark your mark.  

Filing USPTO Trademark

At our firm, a licensed attorney with familiarity and experience of the trademark registration process will prepare your application and submissions to and file the same directly with the USPTO.  As licensed attorneys, we have a direct and secure login into the USPTO system.  You will only need to verify and sign the application while we do the rest for you.

Representation Before the USPTO & Maintenance

After filing the Trademark application, our services continue, as we remain registered as the attorney of record and will monitor your application.  We will keep you updated, and stand ready to take any actions needed to promote your application.  Per the USPTO, the process from application to final decision takes 13-14 months, meaning that you get the benefit of our representation and legal advice that whole time.  Additionally, we can file your 5-year and 10-year renewals (regardless of whether we filed your trademark). ​

Responding to Non-Final Office Actions

As trademark attorneys who work regularly with the trademark office, we have the experience and background to handle USPTO office actions on your behalf.  No matter if we filed the application on your behalf, or if you hire us only at a later stage, you can still trust that we will put our knowledge, experience and skills to use to advize you on the best course of action for responding to the Office Action.  We will then prepare a response, or seek clarification from the examiner.

Trademark Prosecution and Disputes

Whether you need to respond to an Opposition, or file an Opposition to a competitor's application, we can help you do it the right way and the best way.  If you already have a trademark and want to enforce it, we can Cease & Desist letters to infringers to make them stop, or bring suit.  If you have been accused of infringing on someone else's trademark, we can help you know your legal options and how to best defend yourself from infringement claims.  We can help you with all aspects of US Trademark law and can even expand your US trademark internationally.  Put our experience on your side!

Consider the Benefits of Using our Trademark Services:


Save time and money!  Skip the hassle of attempting to trademark yourself and save time by trusting our experienced team to handle the process for you.  Get the legal protection you need, fast. Your project will be given priority and you will be informed every step of the process.


Our guaranteed flat fee approach to pricing ensures you will never get "surprise" billing charges.  Our flat fees are competitive with other providers and even the popular "do it yourself" sites.  We have affordable plans for every budget.


We provide detailed advice and thorough guidance on all your trademark questions.  Our services are tailored to your specific business's needs.  We take extra care to ensure your application is complete and accurate from the start.  And even if we did not do the application for you - we will still give you the quality attention and dedicated service you are looking for.

“Our team of experienced attorneys offer comprehensive trademark services from search to application to infringement strategies, so you can focus on growing your business while we look out for your trademark.”

Start Enforcing and Protecting Your Trademark Now!

"Get results. Whether you're creating a new brand, revamping an old logo, or seeking victory in intellectual property disputes, our trademark attorney services can help you succeed."

Put your Valuable Brand in the Right Hands!

"Receive personalized advice and fee options from experienced attorneys and develop a strategy to protect your brand.  Initial consultation provided at no cost to you and with no obligation to hire - you have nothing to lose!"


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