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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)


1. Is your principal attorney's name Dragan or Dan Ivetic?

Both are his name.  His given/legal name is "Dragan" which is a Serbo-Croatian name which means "dear one."   "Dan" is a name that he has used most of his life, and is an Americanized version of his given/legal name.  For further details about our principal attorney, visit his Attorney Bio Page.

2. Where are your Offices located?

Our office is located in downtown Chicago, at 161 N. Clark St., on the 17th floor.  This building is across the street from the Daley Center Courthouse, and the former State of Illinois Building (future HQ of Google).  This is in the center of the so-called "legal district" in Chicago. View our location on our Contact Page.

3. What areas of law do you practice?

Visit our Practice Page to learn more about the areas of our practice.  

4. Do you handle personal injury cases?

No, unfortunately we do not handle personal injury cases.  You are better off seeking a law firm or attorney who specializes in such cases.

5. Can I pay for your services by credit card?

Yes!  Our firm accepts online payments (credit card or e-check) via a secure link and processor (Clio).  

6. In what jurisdictions are you licensed to practice law?

For details about our professional licenses, and othe credentials, please refer to our Credentials Page.  Under certain circumstances, we can and have previously been admitted pro hac vice to appear in other jurisdictions on a limited basis (both internationally, and within the United States).

7. What kind of fees do you charge for legal representation?

Our legal fees depend on the type of legal matter that you need assistance with.  We offer both flat fee and hourly billing.  Contact us for more information - Contact Us.

8. Can you provide references or reviews from prior clients?

Please refer to our Reviews Page to read recent reviews from real clients we have assisted.

9. How can I schedule a consultation with your office to discuss my legal matter?

The best way to contact us is by email, or by using our form - Contact Us.  The more information that you provide, the better able we are to determine if we can help you, how we can help you , and what the applicable fee would be.

Trademark Law

1. Are you a US-licensed trademark attorney?

Yes, our principal attorney is a US-licensed trademark attorney!  He is further authorized to represent clients before the USPTO (Trademark Office) and the TTAB (Trademark Trial and Appeal Board). for further details regarding licensing and credentials, visit our Credentials Page.

2. What kind of clients do you usually help with Trademarks?

Our firm has helped small and medium business clients across the United States with their trademark matters.  Additionally we have helped international (non-US domiciled) clients from across the world.  Our clients have been start-ups, not-for-profits, content creators, family businesses, restaurants, manufacturers, e-commerce retailers, and a host of others.  

3. How long is the process to attain a US trademark?

We can get an application on file rather quickly (depending on several factors).  Once the application is submitted, we have to wait for the USPTO to take action.  Currently, there is a backlog at the USPTO, and the process from application to a final decision is taking, on average, about 14.6 months time.  For more information on the process, see our Trademark Registration page and Blog

4. What is a Clearance Opinion?

It is recommended (though not required) that you obtain a trademark Clearance Opinion before filing the application.  The purpose of that opinion is to determine (through analysis) whether any risks are presented by existing registered and unregistered trademarks that may impact on the success of your application.  We conduct such Clearance Opinions based on a comprehensive search report from reputable 3rd party vendors.  (you can pick the vendor for us to use based on your budget)  For more information, see our Clearance Opinion and Comprehensive Search blog articles.

5. Do I need a lawyer, or can I file a trademark by myself or a DIY service?

If you are a non-US domiciled applicant, you are required by law to be represented by a US-licensed attorney.  If you a US resident, you can file on your own or use a service, but there are several disadvantages (including that the success rates are higher for attorney led applications).  For more information, view our Blog article on this topic.

6. I registered my company name with the State, and I registered my domain name with my ISP- do those count as Trademark protections?

Registering a corporate name or a domain name do not provide trademark protection on their own!  For further information, view our Blog article on this topic.


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