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Our Contracts and Corporate Practice


Your Trusted Guide to Contract Legal Services & Corporate/Business Law

Dragan Ivetic, Attorney at Law, LLC is the perfect law firm for small and medium business owners. Combining years of legal expertise with a client-centred approach, the firm can help you navigate the complexities of the law so you can focus on what matters most - running your business. By having an attorney represent you in complex contracts and negotiations, you'll avoid costly headaches and be free to concentrate on your business.

Protect your Legal Rights with the Help of Experienced Legal Counsel

Our Firm's principal attorney is an Illinois-licensed attorney with over 20 years' of experience in litigation and transactional work relating to contracts and corporate business matters.  That means that he has had considerable experience  not only reviewing and drafting new contracts for clients, but also litigating contracts prepared by others for clients when things go wrong (ie. litigation).  At various times during that long career he acted as outside legal/general counsel for various entities (both to collaborate with or supplement in-house legal counsel, and in instances where there was no in-house counsel).  In that capacity he has served the needs of and represented a variety of clients, ranging from a) individuals; b) small & medium business owners; c) hospitals and healthcare providers; d) churches and not-for-profits; e) governmental and municipal entities; f) telecom companies; g) insurance companies; and h) one of the "Big 3" US automobile manufacturers.  This wealth of experience provides our firm with a sound foundation and skillset for dealing with your contractual and business/corporate matters.  If you need an experienced and compassionate legal representative - check to see if we can help you, and if one of our services provided fits your needs.


Advice & Consultation

The first step is to know what rights you have and what options are there to protect you.  We will give you the advice you need and help you develop a plan or strategy that takes into account your various risks and your budget to provide a solution that maximizes protection without maxing out your budget.  Don't make an important business decision without consulting with your lawyer, and we can be as close as a phone or zoom call away!

Contract Review & Opinion

We can review contracts to make sure they are fair, and provide a legal opinion as to anything lacking or problematic.  We can also propose edits and modifications to better protect your legal rights.  We can attempt to negotiate with the other party to gain concessions and edits beneficial to you and your rights.  Don't sign anything until you have the confidence of mind that we, as your legal counsel, have reviewed it. Running a business is hard enough - at least have peace of mind as to the contracts.

Contract Drafting​

We can draft many different kinds of contracts, creating customized legal solutions to fit your needs.  Contracts can be drawn up from scratch, or prior/standardized contracts can be modified to better represent your use and need in the present circumstances. Having an experienced legal counsel instead of relying on a online "form contract" or "template" site ensures that there are no costly loopholes or gaps in the finished contract that later arise. Our services are reliable and cost-effective.​


Corporate Formation

If you intend to start or grow your Illinois business, we can help you with formation documents to ensure your state filings are done correctly and that you have a professional corporate bylaw or LLC operating agreement in place.  In order to preserve your rights, we can make sure that every commercial contract that you enter assures your ownership of your valuable company, and restricts how others can use and/or profit from your work.  

Outside Legal Counsel

We can support and supplement your in-house legal team on complicated matters.  We can service the needs of businesses that do not have an internal legal department.  We can provide services as to transactional or litigation matters - as we have done for other corporate clients.  If you have a legal need, chances are we can meet that need - if you let us know.

Other Services

Have something else in mind?  Our firm is experienced in meeting very particular and unique needs of our business clients.  Chances are that what you need is something we have done before and can help you with.  So do not hesitate to contact us to see what options we can offer for your legal needs, and if it can be accomplished on a flat fee or hourly basis. (And check out our Trademark Services, to further protect your brand and company assets)

Consider the Benefits of Using our Contract and Corporate Legal Services:


Save time and money!  Skip the hassle of attempting to do your corporate formation or contract preparation by yourself and save time by trusting our experienced team to handle the process for you.  Get the legal protection you need, fast. 


Our hourly and flat rate fees are competitive with other providers and even the popular "do it yourself" legal form sites.  We have affordable plans for every budget.


We provide detailed advice and thorough guidance on all your contract and corporate law questions.  Our services are tailored to your specific needs.  We take extra care to ensure you have the full option of all appropriate legal strategies available to you.

"Our experienced legal team strives to provide comprehensive, personalized legal services to help you protect and grow your business. We offer reasonable hourly and flat fee rates for corporate formation and consultation services."

Small and Medium Business Owners - Are You Looking for Legal Counsel?

" Our team of experienced attorneys is proud to have represented a wide variety of businesses, from small startups to medium/large corporations. Let us put our experience and knowledge to work for you and get the best outcome for your legal needs."

Start Up or Small Business, No Problem!

"Receive personalized advice and fee options from experienced attorneys .  Initial consultation provided at no cost to you and with no obligation to hire - you have nothing to lose!"


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