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We are experienced in International Law

We cannot all be experts in the law. That said, if we get in trouble with the law (or are accused of it), we want someone who knows the law to represent us. Fortunately, the backbone of our legal system is each person's right to an attorney. This right is true regardless of whether you can afford one or not. Of course, it is always best to be able to choose who represents you in a court of law in another Country or an International Court.

Our principal, Attorney Dragan Ivetic, has previously and continues to represent clients who face international criminal charges and clients in private international legal matters. We believe our clients make the best decisions for themselves when they are well-informed. So, here we explain what your right to an attorney means. Contact us at (312) 216-5167 to schedule a Free 30-minute consultation and ensure your rights are preserved as you go through another country's criminal justice system or civil court system.  We have represented clients before International Courts and Tribunals for over 20 years, including some of the most high-profile cases before the United Nations.  Attorney Dragan Ivetic has twice served as the President of the Association of Defence Counsel Representing persons before International Courts and Tribunals, and has many connections to attorneys worldwide.  His reputation and contacts have permitted him to assist clients both directly and with the assistance of local counsel in legal matters in Europe, Africa, and Australia, and he is currently admitted to practice as counsel before the International Criminal Court (ICC), United Nations Residual Mechanism for International Courts and Tribunals, and the State Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina.  

Charged with a Crime Internationally? You Have a Right to an Attorney

The right to have an attorney when you are accused of a crime is found in the Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It holds that

"In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall… have the Assistance of Counsel for his defense."

This right does not apply in civil cases. For example, if you want to sue the police for excessive use of force, you can only do so if you hire an attorney, or, alternatively, you can file the paperwork yourself.

In short, when the charges you face have the potential to result in the loss of your freedom, you have the right to an attorney. It does not matter whether or not you actually receive jail time. If imprisonment is even possible, you have the right to a lawyer. 

However, when you get in trouble with the law in a foreign country or jurisdiction, the Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution will not help you, as you will be subject to the laws of that jurisdiction instead.  That is why you need to seek the assistance of US counsel to help locate an experienced and competent local attorney who will fight for your rights in that foreign jurisdiction.  Do not assume that the US Embassy or Google will help you find a lawyer.  Do not assume that a court-appointed attorney in a foreign jurisdiction will assist you. 

You always have the right to hire an attorney of your choice. Even if a jurisdiction does not allow an American attorney to represent you directly, they can be a valuable resource to work together with a trusted local lawyer to attain the best result possible, and explore other legal remedies.

Why a Right to a Criminal Defense Attorney in International Legal Matters is Important 

A criminal defendant is facing the possibility of losing their right to freedom. Because of this, a criminal defense attorney is essential to ensure the defendant has somebody who understands the legal system in their corner. A criminal defense attorney often positively influences a client's case. They work hard to prevent their client from being wrongfully convicted or receiving excessive sentences for any crime they are found guilty of. They make certain the constitutional rights of their clients are upheld. 

While the court is able to appoint an attorney to represent you if you are unable to afford one, it is almost always best to hire your own attorney whenever possible. A court-appointed attorney may not have the experience that your case requires, and even if they do, they often have a huge caseload, which means your case may not receive the attention it needs. Also, as your attorney will be receiving very little, if any, pay for representing you, their time may be spent on more lucrative matters.  When foreign laws, language barriers, and translation issues are added to the mix, it may become increasingly difficult for you to attain justice without a lawyer or legal team of your choosing who is motivated to assist you and fight for your legal rights.

Attorney Dragan Ivetic has handled civil and criminal litigation matters all over the world, including acting as defense counsel in some of the most high-profile international war crimes cases since World War 2.  In that capacity, he has dealt with foreign governments, fought for access to confidential documents, and gained an international reputation as an attorney who is dedicated to fighting for his clients and their rights.  At the very least, a consultation with our law firm will assist you in knowing what you face, your rights, and how best to proceed, whether we can represent you directly or not.  

Is Your Business International in Nature? You Need an Attorney with International Reach

The global marketplace offers exciting business opportunities, but its complexities can pose significant challenges, obstacles, and traps. When venturing into international waters, legal expertise becomes paramount. Navigating different legal systems, cultural nuances, and unfamiliar regulations can be overwhelming, potentially leading to costly mistakes and missed opportunities.  That's where an experienced lawyer with a network of colleagues connecting across international boundaries becomes critical for you to have an advantage.  Partnering with a legal professional experienced in international law and with connections to a trusted network of internationally-based attorneys is crucial for your business success.

International business disputes can be complex and involve navigating different legal systems and procedures. Your lawyer spearheads efficient resolution strategies, from negotiations and mediations to arbitration and litigation, protecting your interests and achieving favorable outcomes.  With our network connections to experienced local counsel across the world, Dragan Ivetic, Attorney at Law, LLC can help you to successfully navigate the complex landscape posed by different legal systems and procedures.

Safeguarding your Brand Name Globally: International Trademark Protection

In today's interconnected world, your brand identity transcends borders. Protecting your trademarks internationally is crucial to securing your market position and combating infringement. However, every jurisdiction has its own trademark registries, rules, processes, and protections.  You cannot assume that registering your trademark in your home country will protect you when you expand your business operations to another country.  At Dragan Ivetic, Attorney at Law, LLC, we are experienced in providing comprehensive legal advice and solutions to ensure your brand flourishes internationally on the global stage.

Why  a US-Licensed Attorney with Experience in International Trademarks is Important

Are you an international business owner with your sights set on the US market? Expanding your brand footprint is exciting, but navigating the legal nuances of protecting your trademark in the US can be daunting. One crucial rule to understand is the mandatory requirement for non-US domiciled applicants to be represented by a US-licensed attorney when filing for trademark registration or engaging in related proceedings.  The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) implemented this rule to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the trademark registry. Having a US-licensed attorney familiar with specific regulations and nuances helps streamline the process and minimize the risk of errors or delays.  Whether you are a new applicant for a trademark or an existing US Trademark owner coming due for renewal, if you do not have a US-licensed attorney representing you officially on the record, you will not be successful!

Remember, protecting your brand in the US market requires guidance by an attorney who is experienced in the laws and process. Consulting a US-licensed attorney is not just an option, it's a legal necessity for non-US domiciled applicants. Make sure you have the right legal partner by your side to navigate the US trademark landscape successfully.

If you seek to extend your US trademark to a foreign jurisdiction, that can be accomplished in multiple ways, but how do you know which is right for you?  One method is to apply directly in each jurisdiction and retain separate trademark counsel in each jurisdiction.  Another method is to apply centrally through the Madrid Protocols and designate multiple jurisdictions for your US trademark application.  Both methods are valuable and viable means to accomplish the same goal, but each comes with advantages and pitfalls you may not be aware of.  An experienced trademark attorney will assist you in determining which method is best for you and your business and brand.  At Dragan Ivetic, Attorney at Law, LLC, we can help you determine which path is best for your plans and needs and either help you directly by acting as attorney of record via the Madrid Protols through the USPTO or seek to collaborate with a qualified and trusted foreign legal practitioner to prosecute your application in another jurisdiction and stay on top of the process.

Without proper legal guidance, your application might be rejected for errors or non-compliance, leading to lost time and money.  Navigating legal disputes without an attorney can also be challenging and expensive.  You need to look for an attorney with experience in international trademark law and a proven track record of success. Building a strong attorney-client relationship is key, so choose someone you can communicate openly and trust with your brand's future.

At Dragan Ivetic, Attorney at Law, LLC, we have experience acting as US-Licensed attorney of record for non-US domiciled trademark applicants, prosecuting applications to extend foreign trademarks to the US, and counseling clients on pursuing international trademarks either via the Madrid Protols or directly in a foreign jurisdiction.

International Legal Services We Provide:

International Criminal Law

Whether it is war crimes before an International Court or crimes under the jurisdiction of a foreign state's courts, you need a lawyer who has experience with that type of work.  Our office will give you the advice you need and, depending on the circumstances, either represent you directly through local counsel or refer you to a lawyer.

International Private/Civil Legal Matters

The world has become a much smaller place, such that it is becoming increasingly difficult to conduct business or personal affairs without coming into contact with partners, clients, customers, or adversaries outside of the United States.  Our office can act as your US legal counsel to help guide you in navigating the laws of foreign jurisdictions and protecting your business and your rights.  Whether by finding qualified local legal counsel or otherwise, our office has experience that can help you ensure that you are protected inside the US and abroad.

International Trademark Registration & Clearance

Whether you are a non-US domiciled applicant trying to seek a US trademark, a holder of a non-US trademark seeking to extend protection in the US, or a US domiciled applicant seeking to expand your business/brand and trademark internationally, our office can assist you.  Whether it is acting as a US-licensed attorney of record before the USPTO Trademark Office or helping you through the complexities of the Madrid Protocols, our office has experience and regularly assists clients. 

International Contracts, Licensing, or Franchising

We draft and negotiate licensing and franchising agreements to optimize the value of your business and/or trademarks while mitigating legal risks in international partnerships.  

Consider the Benefits of Using our Firm for your International Legal Needs:

International Criminal Court
International Criminal Court at The Hague, Netherlands

We have been handling international law matters since 1999!  Our experience and reputation are based on having appeared before United Nations Tribunals, being involved with several International Bar Associations (Including as an officer), obtaining clearance to observe proceedings at the Pentagon's Guantànamo Bay Convening Authority, and representing clients in high-profile cases worldwide. This has developed our reputation as experienced and effective counsel.  Get the benefit of our experience. Your project will be given priority, and you will be informed of every step of the process.

Worldwide Network
Benefit from our Worldwide Network of Fellow Lawyers

Our years of work in international legal matters have resulted in the development of many connections with colleagues in other countries with whom we have established a network and working relationship.  That network allows us to locate an attorney qualified and authorized to represent clients professionally and vigorously, whether as local counsel, a partner in an international legal team, or as a referral attorney to represent you directly.  If we can't help you in a particular jurisdiction, chances are we may know a qualified lawyer who can!

We strive to give comprehensive guidance
We strive to give comprehensive guidance

We provide detailed advice and thorough guidance on all your international legal questions, regardless if they are related to criminal, civil or private legal matters.  Our services are tailored to your specific business or individual needs.  We will always give you the quality attention and dedicated service you seek.  Whether it is before the United Nations, a foreign court, or a foreign business, our services will take into account your needs to assemble the team that is needed to advise you fully and represent you during the process.


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